Commit a3ad8874 authored by Daniel LACROIX's avatar Daniel LACROIX
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add APIKEY variable

parent a6f60b6d
set -e
# check if needed vars are present
if [ -z "$DB_PASSWORD" ] ; then
if [ -z "$DB_PASSWORD" ] || [ -z "$APIKEY" ] ; then
echo "Error: The following environment variables MUST be defined."
echo " - DB_PASSWORD: database password"
echo " - APIKEY: Etherpad secret API key"
exit 1
# generate setup files
envsubst "$(printf '${%s} ' $REPLACE_VARS)" < /app/settings.json.tmpl > /app/settings.json
echo $APIKEY > /app/APIKEY.txt
node node_modules/ep_etherpad-lite/node/server.js
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