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......@@ -18,6 +18,11 @@ Choose a cozy subdomain for you instance like `cozy.mydomain.tld`. Declare on yo
- a `A` entry with the ip of your server to `cozy.mydomain.tld`
- a `CNAME` entry `*.cozy.mydomain.tld` to `cozy.mydomain.tld`
## Reverse proxy configuration
The deployed cozy installation is not ready for web yet, it need to be exposed to the web through a reverse proxy. As cozy generates sub-domains for every applications, Let's Encrypt certificates must be generated dynamically.
[Webfront+]( can be easily used to do so. Traefik can also be used, but if you want to do so, consider using the upfront vsellier's [easy-cozy](
## Cozy installation and configuration
- Clone the [easy-cozy]( project
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