chore(release): 2.0.1


  • add sentry (0d8c67b)
  • conso: half hour shifted minus 30 minutes to match enedis data (255afaf)
  • new feedback system (SAU) (dce71f9)
  • new loader (cdf9e80)
  • optional redirection after migration release notes (c616a2a)
  • SGE: SGE onboarding + screens adjustments (d6e1c1a)
  • update logos (splash, mails) (ba8130d)
  • updated terms (4cc62d9)

Bug Fixes

  • accord "astuces" (4967326)
  • deploy script (fd8acf0)
  • desktop view when finishing profile (fa254d6)
  • email: blurry feedback icon (4b57f40)
  • export: handle abnormal null dates (822b7bf)
  • loader: remove old loaders (a44fb2e)
  • matomo: disable outlinks (158952b)
  • matomo: disabled heatmap recording (c70c0c2)
  • options view (df468b3)
  • partners logo in-app (97b05c6)
  • pipelines (6d2452e)
  • quality gate (f0d6459)
  • technical: update ecolyo scripts to match the new repository address (0106723)