chore(release): 2.1.0


  • renamed EGL into EPGL (3cd7c32)
  • rework konnector maintenance (bfdd27b)

Bug Fixes

  • add unbreakable spaces (42b7189)
  • backoffice url rec (1d94b87)
  • border active outline (9a96aa9)
  • conso: When consulting grdf charts on week or month timestep, last month day or week day was missing data. (76ca90d)
  • css: header and sge view for small screens (133470e)
  • deps: update dependency cozy-ui to v79 (50f2bd0)
  • render "0" on consumption view (a0ad99e)
  • sge: trim city (5929918)
  • simultaneous crons (0d0f3f7)
  • title alinement analysis (bcfcb7e)