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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. See [standard-version]( for commit guidelines.
## [1.10.0]( (2022-07-07)
### Features
* **cgu:** update cgu, legal terms & consent ([f68d3d7](
* **dacc v2:** dacc v2 ([d43817c](
* **dev:** point to new docker image hosted by grandlyon for local dev ([0157477](
* **duel:** final duel perf view ([f71e523](
* **matomo:** tacking + opt out in settings ([79fa859](
* **newsletter:** info field is now optional ([1b73f8b](
### Bug Fixes
* **analysis:** Fix navigation issue in monthly analysis ([d45e4f3](
* **dacc:** Remove temp code for recalculation ([e5a68cf](
* **deps:** update dependency @material-ui/core to ~4.12.0 ([78eb34c](
* **deps:** update dependency axios to ^0.27.0 ([c03bf96](
* **deps:** update dependency cozy-bar to v8 ([6c0810a](
* **deps:** update dependency cozy-client to v32.1.1 ([53a45e8](
* **deps:** update dependency cozy-client to v32.2.0 ([5d4f3bd](
* **deps:** update dependency cozy-client to v32.2.1 ([1e0eb54](
* **deps:** update dependency cozy-harvest-lib to v9.15.4 ([e97d16e](
* **deps:** update dependency cozy-harvest-lib to v9.16.0 ([eaa03ff](
* **deps:** update dependency cozy-harvest-lib to v9.18.0 ([42e023e](
* **deps:** update dependency cozy-harvest-lib to v9.18.1 ([37ed6a4](
* **deps:** update dependency cozy-ui to v68.9.1 ([596c045](
* **deps:** update dependency eslint-config-cozy-app to v1.6.0 ([d9bc3f0](
* **deps:** update dependency luxon to v2 ([cb6e59c](
* **deps:** update dependency object-hash to v3 ([213a0e1](
* **deps:** update dependency react-router-dom to v5.3.3 ([b76925f](
* **deps:** update dependency react-swipeable-views to v0.14.0 ([b2a651b](
* **deps:** update dependency to husky v8 ([a0bf48c](
* **ecogesture:** Reload on single ecogesture won't make the app crash anymore ([be0baa7](
* **lint:** fix format ([a3f22fe](
* **oauth:** add old way to declare token and domain ([8d9ef95](
* **oauth:** update cozy dependencies version ([5a05443](
* Remove deprecated modal parameters from material ui ([2f4bfd9](
* Resolve "[DACC] - Les variations de consommation sont inversées" ([635ec6b](
* Update cozy-ui lib and adapt deprecated components ([d50f7cd](
* update yarn lock ([498fd40](
### [1.9.4]( (2022-05-18)
"name": "ecolyo",
"version": "1.9.4",
"version": "1.10.0",
"scripts": {
"tx": "tx pull --all || true",
"lint": "yarn lint:js",
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