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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. See [standard-version]( for commit guidelines.
## [1.4.0]( (2021-10-26)
* **conso:** Removed haveSeenOldFluidDataModal from profile doctype.
### Features
* add multifluid compare ([ac73962](
* **BarChart:** new striped chart bars when data is missing ([e0d19f4](
* **Chart:** Delay gas data display in charts by 1 more day (J+3) ([9af1aec](
* **conso:** Add new display rules for missing data in the consumption visualizer and in konnector cards ([28ea281](
* **conso:** Add price estimation modal for multifluid screen ([810507e](
* **conso:** Add today button ([b0244ee](
* **conso:** Delete double navigation arrows ([228969f](
* **conso:** Display missing data text if not data and redirects to konnector update on click ([ca9a55f](
* **conso:** Rework fluid navigation ([a63b2de](
* **egl-login-form:** Changed rules to limit to 7 digits ([bccdef8](
* **energy-prices:** edited new energy prices ([aae16d5](
* last valid date not displayed for old values ([d685ca6](
### Bug Fixes
* change estimation pop-up text ([ebf1534](
* **chart:** Show Comparison if no current dataload but there is comparison data ([d0b396b](
* **chart:** Show Comparison if no current dataload but there is comparison data ([b042b79](
* **conso:** Change display when datahole in multifluid ([17c9e32](
* date display issue on last valid date ([068581b](
* design issues on multifluid view for compare ([16f48d8](
* load has to be over zero too ([e106f5b](
* **loadConverter:** Loads below 0.01cts now equal 0.01cts ([b0b3cb9](
* **options:** Change section and button spacing ([e7fa061](
* **timePeriod:** Test + use config dataOffset value ([8dbca9d](
## [1.3.0]( (2021-10-26)
"name": "ecolyo",
"version": "1.3.0",
"version": "1.4.0",
"scripts": {
"tx": "tx pull --all || true",
"lint": "yarn lint:js && yarn lint:styles",
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