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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. See [standard-version]( for commit guidelines.
### [1.5.1]( (2021-11-29)
### Features
* **Analysis:** Add max day consumption card by fluid ([e0f15b0](
* **Analysis:** add scroll position save for analysis view ([e1b9a9f](
* **challenge:** Add isBuilding banner to main challenge view ([5371740](
* **conso:** add cursor pointer on areas ([0202811](
* **ProfileType:** Handling profileTypes modifications over time ([f6e9bec](
* **water-alert:** new design for water threshold notification ([107455c](
### Bug Fixes
* **analysis:** alignment fluid name maxcons card when no fluid ([a538eaf](
* **Analysis:** fix css overflow issue and prevent display of total analysis when only one fluid ([5900e3b](
* **analysis:** fix no data display on maxcons card + price alignment ([6916544](
* **Analysis:** fix total consumption card display ([3f9923b](
* **Analysis:** z-index to allow click on link ([a2e449d](
* **Challenge:** fix challenge title and banner display, it was overflowing on header. ([2ad925a](
* **conso:** Disable half hour check if fluid different from elec ([743e29f](
* **conso:** Display full price for multifluid if > 1000€ ([6f9cc7e](
* **conso:** Fix message shuffling in konnector modal ([2680d10](
* **design:** Design fixs 1.5.1 konnector modal message + css after completing profile ([3790817](
* **design:** fix global design issue + design improvements on analysis and consumption ([2218079](
* **Design:** text color and alignement on profil analysis card ([f5fd8f9](
* **design:** various design return ([1532b2f](
* **Desing:** background color ([8d2d975](
* **Ecogesture:** add equipment type for ecogesture 52 ([d9b8249](
* **form:** Add autofocus ([5a09943](
* **Mail:** fix month query for newsletter, we had one month offset that is no longer required ([c837ad7](
* price estimation pop-up fluid order ([f516e89](
* Scroll to top on every page navigation ([b718bc7](
* tu ([7faa1c1](
## [1.5.0]( (2021-11-29)
### Features
"name": "ecolyo",
"version": "1.5.0",
"version": "1.5.1",
"scripts": {
"tx": "tx pull --all || true",
"lint": "yarn lint:js && yarn lint:styles",
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