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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. See [standard-version]( for commit guidelines.
## [1.1.0]( (2020-12-01)
### Features
* add 'fabrique du terrritoire' logo ([d6b94d8](
* add address on strucutre details ([7d6177a](
* add deployr rec to gitlab-ci ([0b21f60](
* add distance calculation for cards ([acb0db6](
* add docker clean in cicd ([c3a4552](
* add legal notice and about page ([7ba499c](
* add marker zoom on selected ([6118657](
* add mdm pop-up and marker display refacto ([5b3aeff](
* add structure detail display panel ([19d7580](
* add svg-icon component and update logo assets ([6ed6efe](
* move location call upper for distance filtering ([6facc3e](
* reduce url display for structure details, change phone display and small fixes ([03b9383](
* **api:** Mise en place d'une solution mock ([960ae5d](
* **card:** ajout template + logique structures ([f0ec840](
* **carto:** first working verison of leafleat carto with wms from data.grandlyon ([0daaf7c](
* **ide:** update vscode conf ([91922b5](
* **map:** add TU and clean service ([6295b52](
* **structure-details:** add service details ([e0a3476](
* add new icons to replace structure details icons ([725f180](
* add tooltip handling for structure card hover ([d6b6ee3](
* update back deploy ([c0f25b1](
* update card style ([ffd48d5](
* update global color and style ([d586068](
* update map control position ([17dc6d4](
* **api-mock:** add package.json for api ([b7cdd58](
* **cicd:** add json-server image build ([2889204](
* **map:** add map with Leaflet ([f36dd96](
* **map:** clean code and remove ign map because of heavy loading ([5aa1038](
* **map:** merge structre and map. ([397fb5f](
* **scaffolding:** update with shared module ([396c819](
* **structure-list:** update layout ([990769a](
* **style:** add new style for app ([7202f60](
* **TU:** add TU for home ([b256713](
* add badge to ([93854ae](
* add docker build and cicd piplines ([17b0dfc](
* update environnement var for register form link. ([a1d44f3](
* update global css style and add highlight effect for header ([4016a7e](
### Bug Fixes
* **map:** update zoom level ([581a9a8](
* add border on map and pop-up + cahnge mdm marker color ([9a67f67](
* add mouseevent handling for markers ([a88da0a](
* address query ([15a191a](
* api config to make to work both with backend and mock api ([c211fe3](
* bad link for svg asset ([38b594e](
* bug fixes + modal refacto ([634d662](
* build ([0746ad6](
* build ([25f004c](
* build budget ([e0ebab2](
* build issue ([e9b2ec0](
* build issue ([f0ffd63](
* build issue "he server responded with a non-JavaScript MIME type of "text/html" " ([6160bfe](
* build issue on throw error ([c03000e](
* change map default layers with osm_grandlyon ([16cb954](
* change mdm icon and update missing access modality type ([2940622](
* clean header component ([9ff17fa](
* cleaning makers was removing mdm layer ([b6f7966](
* css for structure-details and addr display ([4510839](
* dockerfile ([9ae3c1b](
* dockerfile ([d27fbac](
* dockerfile ([8c11b97](
* duplicated background-color on icons ([cebbd6b](
* fix background shape style ([59522f6](
* handling of modal open ([2362bd2](
* improve border style ([3d45ba5](
* location decline ([80f0b99](
* map marker hover, pop-up width ([db6116d](
* map marker icon position ([8792129](
* marker display bug fix ([036c1b8](
* mobile responsive ([d8e50fb](
* nginx conf + build ([34fdcc1](
* nginx config, add proxy ([ddbdb4b](
* open status dot and card distance display ([7e69ff3](
* overlay not working on FF ([467519c](
* put checkbox style in global style + small fixes ([4be3f69](
* race condition issue for FF ([3ac2dc9](
* remove autopan for markers ([c198f2b](
* remove console log, better home css display ([4766517](
* search component code ([c32212b](
* small fix ([ec70e6e](
* small fix on structure-details and add offset on map for structure zoom ([3d60d75](
* tooltip status issue ([8b3bd92](
* typo ([ec29555](
* typo in gitlabci ([603b76d](
* typo, alignements and others ([1a8d010](
* **build:** add tag name to docker push ([a575aba](
* **build:** add to dockefile ([98b6838](
* **build:** typo in Dockerfile ([d122b73](
* **cicd:** add image for sonar ([ac2c35e](
* **cicd:** gitlabci ([4e67a35](
* **cicd:** gitlabci ([48ffe89](
* **cicd:** gitlabci ([d02dbd9](
* **cicd:** gitlabci ([6631104](
* **cicd:** tmp remove of sonar analysis because no runner available ([da0926a](
* **cicd:** typo in docker-compose.yml ([b16de1c](
* **cicd:** update .gitlab-ci.yml ([46d4d3b](
* **cicd:** Update .gitlab-ci.yml ([64575a9](
* **cicd:** update port config for dev ([af48fee](
* **docker:** docker nginx run ([0b5a892](
* **docker:** fix docker-compose version ([70637df](
* **map:** add addr number for better location ([1ad8126](
* remove console.log ([cc5e1e8](
* remove console.log ([93c6a7f](
* remove debug.log ([4b9254b](
* remove usless info for structure details and fix carto display bug ([b5a47a1](
* svg display issue on FF ([9e10a33](
* trigger pop-up modal ([332a401](
* **sonar:** remove paste left over ([817e420](
* build language options and gitlabci ([8f793b9](
* dev build ([6b3e4c1](
* docker build and ad gitlab-ci dev build ([d01f5f9](
* gitlab-ci ([952e1ec](
* i18n translation ([54332d7](
* unit testing and remove console.log ([7e53d3b](
* Update ([a5dfc08](
### 1.0.0 (2020-11-06)
### Features
"name": "pamn",
"version": "0.0.4",
"version": "1.1.0",
"lockfileVersion": 1,
"requires": true,
"dependencies": {
"name": "pamn",
"version": "1.0.0",
"version": "1.1.0",
"scripts": {
"ng": "ng",
"start": "ng serve --configuration=fr --proxy-config proxy.conf.json",
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