chore(release): 1.11.0

1.11.0 (2022-01-12)


  • refactor of reset password and change password (e90b4a5)
  • create-structure: add alert when structure info is deprecated in structure modification modules (f03fd00)
  • map: temp remove of france service makers. Use instead default makers (c6f1a68)
  • design refacto for form, pop-up, carto and password-reset (60337f9)
  • newsletter: admin can now see newsletter recipients at first loading (8fa515a)
  • add structure description shaping (f01e39f)
  • carto: add 'Conseillers numérique' display on map and code refactor for pin style (dbddccf)
  • handle 0 as default of equipments (a265f8d)

Bug Fixes

  • profile: update remove user from structure style (6f56bee)
  • structure-form: add missing info alert in structure modification categories (f959d45)
  • structure-form: update internet add/remove items text (d161279)
  • add space after ':' (813fdc0)
  • borken link un profil for editing structure and .gitlabci rollback (f3e5884)
  • fix create-structure typo (46a8475)
  • typo in title tag (5f51a8f)
  • cicd: add stop cmd for deploy job (7c19cd0)
  • news: fix scroll position when going on an article page (1a9bd9d)