Commit f11dfa18 authored by DESPRES Damien's avatar DESPRES Damien Committed by Damien DESPRES
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fix #12830

(cherry picked from commit 284c0080)
parent 0c1c2a49
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......@@ -187,7 +187,7 @@ def process_record( in_record, working_directory, credentials ):
out_record['metadata-fr']['license'] = 'unknown'
if 'legalConstraints' in out_record['metadata-fr'].keys():
for el in out_record['metadata-fr']['legalConstraints']:
if "licence" in el.lower() or "accord" in el.lower():
if ("licence" in el.lower() or "accord" in el.lower()) and not ("http" in el.lower()):
out_record['metadata-fr']['license'] = el
if 'resourceConstraints' in out_record['metadata-fr'].keys() and type(out_record['metadata-fr']['resourceConstraints']) is str:
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