Unverified Commit 245f295f authored by Vincent Sellier's avatar Vincent Sellier
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Don't install photos app by default

parent 4294033f
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ TMPFILE=$(mktemp /tmp/cozyXXX)
echo "Creating instance ${INSTANCE_ID}.${COZY_TLD} ..."
docker-compose exec cozy ./cozy instances add --host --apps drive,photos,collect,settings,onboarding "${INSTANCE_ID}.${COZY_TLD}" | tee "${TMPFILE}"
docker-compose exec cozy ./cozy instances add --host --apps drive,collect,settings,onboarding "${INSTANCE_ID}.${COZY_TLD}" | tee "${TMPFILE}"
## To replace by registry://store/something after next cozy-stack release
docker-compose exec cozy ./cozy apps install --domain "${INSTANCE_ID}.${COZY_TLD}" store registry://store/stable | tee -a "${TMPFILE}"
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