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Use default registry and install store application by default

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......@@ -106,7 +106,8 @@ Open in a browser the url displayed at the end of the script output to finalize
[Drive](https://github.com/cozy/cozy-drive) and [Photo](https://github.com/cozy/cozy-photos) are installed by default by the [create-instance.sh](create-instance.sh) script. Other applications like [banks](https://github.com/cozy/cozy-banks) or [contacts](https://github.com/cozy/cozy-contacts) are also available.
To install an application, you can run the [application.sh](application.sh) script :
You can go to the store application (store.yourinstance.youdomain.tld) to manage you applications.
To manually install an application, you can run the [application.sh](application.sh) script :
sudo ./application.sh <instance name> <application>
......@@ -196,8 +196,8 @@ auto_updates:
schedule: "@cron 0 0 0 * * *"
# Registries used for applications and konnectors
- https://apps-registry.cozy.io/
# registries:
# - https://apps-registry.cozy.io/
# Activate development APIs (iOS only)
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ TMPFILE=$(mktemp /tmp/cozyXXX)
echo "Creating instance ${INSTANCE_ID}.${COZY_TLD} ..."
docker-compose exec cozy ./cozy instances add --host --apps drive,photos,collect,settings,onboarding "${INSTANCE_ID}.${COZY_TLD}" | tee "${TMPFILE}"
docker-compose exec cozy ./cozy instances add --host --apps drive,photos,collect,settings,onboarding,store "${INSTANCE_ID}.${COZY_TLD}" | tee "${TMPFILE}"
# TODO find a better way to detect if there was an error
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