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fix(deps): update ag-grid monorepo to v31 (major)

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
ag-grid-community (source) dependencies major ^30.0.0 -> ^31.0.0
ag-grid-react (source) dependencies major ^30.0.0 -> ^31.0.0

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ag-grid/ag-grid (ag-grid-community)


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Release 30.2.1

Key Issue Type Summary
AG‑9592 Bug [Regression] When pressing TAB, currently focused value is not selected in agRichSelectCellEditor
AG‑9581 Bug [Regression] When agRichSelectCellEditor value set to null, cellValueChanged event gets triggered upon cancelling edit
AG‑9580 Bug [Regression] When agRichSelectCellEditor value set to null, cellEditRequest event gets triggered upon cancelling edit
AG‑9566 Bug [Regression] Unable to scroll horizontally using trackpad on Mac or SHIFT+mouse wheel on Windows when mouse is not hovering grid rows


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Release 30.2.0

Key Issue Type Summary
AG‑9360 Bug Sorting Row Groups with non-row group columns doesn't work when a 'field' or 'valueGetter' is present on the auto column.
AG‑9357 Bug When using the viewport row model, row-id values get out of sync when row data is updated
AG‑9347 Bug [Solid] Header Classes Not applied correctly
AG‑9317 Bug [Cell Editing] When filters are enabled for No Click editing, row Index returns incorrect cell
AG‑9309 Bug When selecting a range with SHIFT + click, focus is not restored to the grid if it has been lost
AG‑9296 Bug [Rendering] When using print domlayout, rendering/spacing at the top of the grid is incorrect
AG‑9276 Bug [React] RowComp being rendered for Non Displayed RowCtrl with animateRows
AG‑9269 Bug [Pivot] Grid crashes when modifying agg columns with large pivoted dataset
AG‑9265 Bug [Row Grouping] When sorting the primary column of the group with maintainGroupOrder=true, the group column does not sort
AG‑9248 Bug [Regression] When setting an undefined cell value to null, the new value is discarded
AG‑9230 Task [Import/Export] Allow Excel and CSV exports to respect row grouping logic
AG‑9222 Bug [Regression] When updating columnDef via setColumnDefs the columnGroupShow state is reset
AG‑9218 Bug [Regression] When pinned columns exceed the width of the grid, two vertical scrollbars are displayed
AG‑9204 Bug When setting a value in the number floating filter, numberFormatter is called with the already formatted value
AG‑9193 Bug [SSRM] [Tree data] Reordering tree data parent nodes with refresh loses state
AG‑9190 Bug Setting gridOptions.rowHeight a value smaller than default row height clips cells when using domLayout=print
AG‑9183 Bug [SSRM] When updating datasource while groupincludefooter=true, max call stack error appears in console
AG‑9175 Task Add typing, filter, async population of values to Rich Select Editor
AG‑9137 Bug [Regression] When setting rowHeight in infinite row model, the first row does not get affected
AG‑9052 Bug [Selection] When rangeSelection is enabled using CTRL + Click for Right Click on Macs loses selected range
AG‑9032 Bug When overlay is shown in a small grid, column header resizers are displayed over the overlay
AG‑8999 Task Add Advanced Filter Builder UI for building filter expressions
AG‑8941 Bug [Cell Rendering] When calling api.setRowData more than once isFullWidthRow callback does not get called anymore
AG‑8925 Bug When using row grouping with checkbox selection and the leaf row value in group column cell is null/undefined, no checkbox is shown
AG‑8804 Task [Column Definition] Add support for Recursive Types in colDef.field
AG‑8632 Task [Row Grouping] Simplify using a valueFormatter on the grouped column or auto-group column
AG‑8138 Task [Column Filters] Allow Date Filter to support min/max dates
AG‑7953 Task Make groupIncludeTotalFooter and groupIncludeFooter properties reactive
AG‑7275 Task Make suppressDragLeaveHidesColumns property reactive
AG‑5989 Task Make treeData property reactive
AG‑5565 Task Allow providing custom matching logic to Quick Filter
AG‑4483 Task Add a new list option "Add current selection to filter" to set filter in Windows mode
AG‑4316 Task [SSRM] Allow loading SSRM blocks via API without requiring user to scroll to them (to load the block containing a specific row index before calling ensureIndexVisible for that row index)
AG‑1962 Task Allow showing Group Footer Rows based on custom logic
AG‑684 Task Add new gridPreDestroyed event
ag-grid/ag-grid (ag-grid-react)


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