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chore(deps): update dependency eslint to v9

Renovate-Bot requested to merge renovate/eslint-9.x into dev

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
eslint (source) devDependencies major ^8.49.0 -> ^9.0.0

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Breaking Changes
  • b7cf3bd fix!: correct camelcase rule schema for allow option (#​18232) (eMerzh)
  • 09bd7fe feat!: move AST traversal into SourceCode (#​18167) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 79a95eb feat!: disallow multiple configuration comments for same rule (#​18157) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 9163646 feat!: Rule Tester checks for missing placeholder data in the message (#​18073) (fnx)
  • 3c4d51d feat!: default for enforceForClassMembers in no-useless-computed-key (#​18054) (Francesco Trotta)
  • 47e60f8 feat!: Stricter rule test validations (#​17654) (fnx)
  • 1a94589 feat!: no-unused-vars default caughtErrors to 'all' (#​18043) (Josh Goldberg )
  • 57089cb feat!: no-restricted-imports allow multiple config entries for same path (#​18021) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 2e1d549 feat!: detect duplicate test cases (#​17955) (Bryan Mishkin)
  • 701f1af feat!: no-inner-declaration new default behaviour and option (#​17885) (Tanuj Kanti)
  • bde5105 fix!: handle --output-file for empty output when saving to disk (#​17957) (Nitin Kumar)
  • 07107a5 fix!: upgrade eslint-scope@8.0.0 (#​17942) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 3ee0f6c fix!: no-unused-vars varsIgnorePattern behavior with catch arguments (#​17932) (Tanuj Kanti)
  • 51f8bc8 fix!: configuration comments with just severity should retain options (#​17945) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • d191bdd feat!: Remove CodePath#currentSegments (#​17936) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 946ae00 feat!: FlatRuleTester -> RuleTester (#​17922) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • baff28c feat!: remove no-inner-declarations from eslint:recommended (#​17920) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • cadfbcd feat!: Rename FlatESLint to ESLint (#​17914) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • d1018fc feat!: skip running warnings in --quiet mode (#​17274) (Maddy Miller)
  • fb81b1c feat!: Set default schema: [], drop support for function-style rules (#​17792) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 0b21e1f feat!: add two more cases to no-implicit-coercion (#​17832) (Gürgün Dayıoğlu)
  • 2916c63 feat!: Switch Linter to flat config by default (#​17851) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 200518e fix!: Parsing 'exported' comment using parseListConfig (#​17675) (amondev)
  • bdd6ba1 feat!: Remove valid-jsdoc and require-jsdoc (#​17694) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 12be307 fix!: Behavior of CLI when no arguments are passed (#​17644) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 8fe8c56 feat!: Update shouldUseFlatConfig and CLI so flat config is default (#​17748) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 60dea3e feat!: deprecate no-new-symbol, recommend no-new-native-nonconstructor (#​17710) (Francesco Trotta)
  • 5aa9c49 feat!: check for parsing errors in suggestion fixes (#​16639) (Bryan Mishkin)
  • b3e0bb0 feat!: assert suggestion messages are unique in rule testers (#​17532) (Josh Goldberg )
  • e563c52 feat!: no-invalid-regexp make allowConstructorFlags case-sensitive (#​17533) (Josh Goldberg )
  • e5f02c7 fix!: no-sequences rule schema correction (#​17878) (MHO)
  • 6ee3e9e feat!: Update eslint:recommended configuration (#​17716) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • c2cf85a feat!: drop support for string configurations in flat config array (#​17717) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • c314fd6 feat!: Remove SourceCode#getComments() (#​17715) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • ae78ff1 feat!: Remove deprecated context methods (#​17698) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • f71c328 feat!: Swap FlatESLint-ESLint, FlatRuleTester-RuleTester in API (#​17823) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 5304da0 feat!: remove formatters except html, json(-with-metadata), and stylish (#​17531) (Josh Goldberg )
  • e1e827f feat!: Require Node.js ^18.18.0 || ^20.9.0 || >=21.1.0 (#​17725) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • d54a412 feat: Add --inspect-config CLI flag (#​18270) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 97ce45b feat: Add reportUsedIgnorePattern option to no-unused-vars rule (#​17662) (Pearce Ropion)
  • 3e9fcea feat: Show config names in error messages (#​18256) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • de40874 feat: Rule Performance Statistics for flat ESLint (#​17850) (Mara Kiefer)
  • d85c436 feat: use-isnan report NaN in indexOf and lastIndexOf with fromIndex (#​18225) (Tanuj Kanti)
  • b8fb572 feat: add reportUnusedFallthroughComment option to no-fallthrough rule (#​18188) (Kirk Waiblinger)
  • 1c173dc feat: add ignoreClassWithStaticInitBlock option to no-unused-vars (#​18170) (Tanuj Kanti)
  • a451b32 feat: make no-misleading-character-class report more granular errors (#​18082) (Francesco Trotta)
  • c49ed63 feat: update complexity rule for optional chaining & default values (#​18152) (Mathias Schreck)
  • 11144a2 feat: no-restricted-imports option added allowImportNames (#​16196) (M Pater)
  • 74124c2 feat: add suggestions to use-isnan in indexOf & lastIndexOf calls (#​18063) (StyleShit)
  • 53f0f47 feat: Add loadESLint() API method for v9 (#​18097) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 2d11d46 feat: add suggestions to use-isnan in binary expressions (#​17996) (StyleShit)
  • 26093c7 feat: fix false negatives in no-this-before-super (#​17762) (Yosuke Ota)
  • 5471e43 feat: convert unsafe autofixes to suggestions in no-implicit-coercion (#​17985) (Gürgün Dayıoğlu)
  • e3051be feat: emit warning when .eslintignore file is detected (#​17952) (Nitin Kumar)
  • a630edd feat: maintain latest ecma version in ESLint (#​17958) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • b4e0503 feat: add no-useless-assignment rule (#​17625) (Yosuke Ota)
  • 287c4b7 feat: no-misleading-character-class granular errors (#​17515) (Josh Goldberg )
  • 8792464 feat: Enable eslint.config.mjs and eslint.config.cjs (#​17909) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 24ce927 feat: warn by default for unused disable directives (#​17879) (Bryan Mishkin)
Bug Fixes
  • 610c148 fix: Support using declarations in no-lone-blocks (#​18269) (Kirk Waiblinger)
  • e508800 fix: rule tester ignore irrelevant test case properties (#​18235) (fnx)
  • a129acb fix: flat config name on ignores object (#​18258) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • dadc5bf fix: constructor-super false positives with loops (#​18226) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • ae8103d fix: load plugins in the CLI in flat config mode (#​18185) (Francesco Trotta)
  • e37153f fix: improve error message for invalid rule config (#​18147) (Nitin Kumar)
  • af6e170 fix: stop linting files after an error (#​18155) (Francesco Trotta)
  • 0cb4914 fix: validate options when comment with just severity enables rule (#​18133) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • c4d26fd fix: use-isnan doesn't report on SequenceExpressions (#​18059) (StyleShit)
  • 39076fb fix: handle absolute file paths in RuleTester (#​17989) (Nitin Kumar)
  • 6d11f3d fix: Ensure config keys are printed for config errors (#​17980) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 806f708 fix: no-misleading-character-class edge cases with granular errors (#​17970) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • f182114 fix: deep merge behavior in flat config (#​17906) (Francesco Trotta)
  • b577e8a fix: allow circular references in config (#​17752) (Francesco Trotta)
  • e151050 docs: update get-started to the new @eslint/create-config (#​18217) (唯然)
  • 94178ad docs: mention about name field in flat config (#​18252) (Anthony Fu)
  • 1765c24 docs: add Troubleshooting page (#​18181) (Josh Goldberg )
  • 96607d0 docs: version selectors synchronization (#​18260) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 651ec91 docs: remove /* eslint-env */ comments from rule examples (#​18249) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 950c4f1 docs: Update README (GitHub Actions Bot)
  • 12f5746 docs: add info about dot files and dir in flat config (#​18239) (Tanuj Kanti)
  • b93f408 docs: update shared settings example (#​18251) (Tanuj Kanti)
  • 26384d3 docs: fix ecmaVersion in one example, add checks (#​18241) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 7747097 docs: Update MR review process (#​18233) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • b07d427 docs: fix typo (#​18246) (Kirill Gavrilov)
  • 778082d docs: add Glossary page (#​18187) (Josh Goldberg )
  • 239a7e2 docs: Clarify the description of sort-imports options (#​18198) (gyeongwoo park)
  • 4769c86 docs: fix incorrect example in no-lone-blocks (#​18215) (Tanuj Kanti)
  • 5251327 docs: Update README (GitHub Actions Bot)
  • 1dc8618 docs: Update README (GitHub Actions Bot)
  • ba1c1bb docs: Update README (GitHub Actions Bot)
  • 337cdf9 docs: Explain limitations of RuleTester fix testing (#​18175) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • c7abd89 docs: Explain Node.js version support (#​18176) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • d961eeb docs: show red underlines in examples in rules docs (#​18041) (Yosuke Ota)
  • 558274a docs: Update README (GitHub Actions Bot)
  • 2908b9b docs: Update release documentation (#​18174) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 1f1260e docs: replace HackerOne link with GitHub advisory (#​18165) (Francesco Trotta)
  • e5ef3cd docs: add inline cases condition in no-fallthrough (#​18158) (Tanuj Kanti)
  • 450d0f0 docs: fix ignore option docs (#​18154) (Francesco Trotta)
  • 5fe095c docs: show v8.57.0 as latest version in dropdown (#​18142) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 7db5bb2 docs: Show prerelease version in dropdown (#​18135) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 73a5f06 docs: Update README (GitHub Actions Bot)
  • f95cd27 docs: Disallow multiple rule configuration comments in the same example (#​18116) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • d8068ec docs: Update link for schema examples (#​18112) (Svetlana)
  • f1c7e6f docs: Switch to Ethical Ads (#​18090) (Strek)
  • 15c143f docs: JS Foundation -> OpenJS Foundation in MR template (#​18092) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 6ea339e docs: add stricter rule test validations to v9 migration guide (#​18085) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 3c816f1 docs: use relative link from CLI to core concepts (#​18083) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 9458735 docs: fix malformed eslint config comments in rule examples (#​18078) (Francesco Trotta)
  • 07a1ada docs: link from --fix CLI doc to the relevant core concept (#​18080) (Bryan Mishkin)
  • b844324 docs: Update team responsibilities (#​18048) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • aadfb60 docs: document languageOptions and other v9 changes for context (#​18074) (fnx)
  • 857e242 docs: tweak explanation for rule properties (#​18057) (Bryan Mishkin)
  • 10485e8 docs: recommend messageId over message for reporting rule violations (#​18050) (Bryan Mishkin)
  • 98b5ab4 docs: Update README (GitHub Actions Bot)
  • 505fbf4 docs: update no-restricted-imports rule (#​18015) (Tanuj Kanti)
  • c25b4af docs: Update README (GitHub Actions Bot)
  • 33d1ab0 docs: add more examples to flat config ignores docs (#​18020) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • e6eebca docs: Update sort-keys options properties count (#​18025) (LB (Ben Johnston))
  • 1fedfd2 docs: Improve flat config ignores docs (#​17997) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 38b9b06 docs: update valid-typeof rule (#​18001) (Tanuj Kanti)
  • b4abfea docs: Update note about ECMAScript support (#​17991) (Francesco Trotta)
  • 6788873 docs: Update release blog post template (#​17994) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 1f37442 docs: Add sections on non-npm plugin configuration (#​17984) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 96307da docs: migration guide entry for no-inner-declarations (#​17977) (Tanuj Kanti)
  • 40be60e docs: Update README (GitHub Actions Bot)
  • d31c180 docs: fix number of code-path events on custom rules page (#​17969) (Richard Hunter)
  • 1529ab2 docs: reorder entries in v9 migration guide (#​17967) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 9507525 docs: Explain how to combine configs (#​17947) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 7c78576 docs: Add more removed context methods to migrate to v9 guide (#​17951) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 3a877d6 docs: Update removed CLI flags migration (#​17939) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 4a9cd1e docs: Update Linter API for v9 (#​17937) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 2a8eea8 docs: update docs for v9.0.0-alpha.0 (#​17929) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 7f0ba51 docs: show NEXT in version selectors (#​17911) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 0a7911e docs: add flat config default to v9 migration guide (#​17927) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 94f8065 docs: Add CLI updates to migrate to v9 guide (#​17924) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 16187f2 docs: Add exported and string config notes to migrate to v9 guide (#​17926) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 3ae50cc docs: Add RuleTester changes to migrate to v9 guide (#​17923) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 0831b58 docs: add rule changes to v9 migration guide (#​17925) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 037abfc docs: update API docs (#​17919) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • afc3c03 docs: add function-style and meta.schema changes to v9 migration guide (#​17912) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 1da0723 docs: update eslint:recommended section in Migrate to v9.x (#​17908) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • f55881f docs: remove (#​17907) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 63ae191 docs: Migrate to v9.0.0 (#​17905) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • e708496 docs: Switch to flat config by default (#​17840) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • fdf0424 docs: Update Create a Plugin for flat config (#​17826) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • e6a91bd docs: Switch shareable config docs to use flat config (#​17827) (Nicholas C. Zakas)
  • 3831fb7 docs: updated examples of max-lines rule (#​17898) (Tanuj Kanti)
  • cd1ac20 docs: Update README (GitHub Actions Bot)
Build Related
  • 26010c2 Build: changelog update for 9.0.0-rc.0 (Jenkins)
  • b91f9dc build: fix TypeError in prism-eslint-hooks.js (#​18209) (Francesco Trotta)
  • d7ec0d1 Build: changelog update for 9.0.0-beta.2 (Jenkins)
  • fd9c0a9 Build: changelog update for 9.0.0-beta.1 (Jenkins)
  • c9f2f33 build: changelog update for 8.57.0 (#​18144) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • 1bbc495 Build: changelog update for 9.0.0-beta.0 (Jenkins)
  • 96f8877 Build: changelog update for 9.0.0-alpha.2 (Jenkins)
  • 52d5e7a Build: changelog update for 9.0.0-alpha.1 (Jenkins)
  • c2bf27d build: update docs files when publishing prereleases (#​17940) (Milos Djermanovic)
  • e91d85d Build: changelog update for 9.0.0-alpha.0 (Jenkins)


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