chore(release): 1.9.0


  • challenge: remove banner (ef371eb)
  • dacc: Add new indicator "uninitialized-konnector-attempts-monthly" (bd62c3c)
  • dacc: Add recalculation for 2 indicators since january (ff051d1)
  • dacc: 0 monthly connections are now reported (a9e7a6f)
  • ecogesture: Allow users to reset ecogesture selection and change form flow (7556c49)
  • matomo: Add Matomo for data tracking (8781e06)
  • equipments: Equipments selection added in big profile (a370e9e)
  • water alert: Consumption details for water alert (0f78cf8)
  • units: Gas and elec units are now displayed in kWh in analysis page (3d76e29)

Bug Fixes

  • cicd: restore sonar conf and small code correction for quality quate status (126eb10)
  • indicator: Fix variation dacc indicator (fda1bcc)
  • konnector: Handle Login failed error for oauth konnectors (94ae4dc)
  • analysis: Mega units were not displayed (05a54e7)
  • challenge cards: Better responsive for challenge cards with small heights (a1672f3)
  • loading bar: Design adjustment (773dd8d)
  • PWA status bar color: PWA status bar is now at Ecolyo colors for IOS pwa (c8af717)