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chore(deps): update node.js to v18

Renovate-Bot requested to merge renovate/node-18.x into dev

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
node major v14 -> 18
@types/node devDependencies major ^14.14.6 -> ^18.0.0

Release Notes



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Notable Changes
Ada 2.0

Node.js v18.17.0 comes with the latest version of the URL parser, Ada. This update brings significant performance improvements to URL parsing, including enhancements to the url.domainToASCII and url.domainToUnicode functions in node:url.

Ada 2.0 has been integrated into the Node.js codebase, ensuring that all parts of the application can benefit from the improved performance. Additionally, Ada 2.0 features a significant performance boost over its predecessor, Ada 1.0.4, while also eliminating the need for the ICU requirement for URL hostname parsing.

Contributed by Yagiz Nizipli and Daniel Lemire in #​47339

Web Crypto API

Web Crypto API functions' arguments are now coerced and validated as per their WebIDL definitions like in other Web Crypto API implementations. This further improves interoperability with other implementations of Web Crypto API.

Contributed by Filip Skokan in #​46067

  • crypto:
    • update root certificates to NSS 3.89 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #​47659
  • dns:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) expose getDefaultResultOrder (btea) #​46973
  • doc:
    • add ovflowd to collaborators (Claudio Wunder) #​47844
    • add KhafraDev to collaborators (Matthew Aitken) #​47510
  • events:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add getMaxListeners method (Matthew Aitken) #​47039
  • fs:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add support for mode flag to specify the copy behavior (Tetsuharu Ohzeki) #​47084
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add recursive option to readdir and opendir (Ethan Arrowood) #​41439
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add support for mode flag to specify the copy behavior (Tetsuharu Ohzeki) #​47084
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) implement byob mode for readableWebStream() (Debadree Chatterjee) #​46933
  • http:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) prevent writing to the body when not allowed by HTTP spec (Gerrard Lindsay) #​47732
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) remove internal error in assignSocket (Matteo Collina) #​47723
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add highWaterMark opt in http.createServer (HinataKah0) #​47405
  • lib:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add webstreams to Duplex.from() (Debadree Chatterjee) #​46190
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) implement AbortSignal.any() (Chemi Atlow) #​47821
  • module:
    • change default resolver to not throw on unknown scheme (Gil Tayar) #​47824
  • node-api:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) define version 9 (Chengzhong Wu) #​48151
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) deprecate napi_module_register (Vladimir Morozov) #​46319
  • stream:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) preserve object mode in compose (Raz Luvaton) #​47413
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add setter & getter for default highWaterMark (#​46929) (Robert Nagy) #​46929
  • test:
    • unflake test-vm-timeout-escape-nexttick (Santiago Gimeno) #​48078
  • test_runner:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add shorthands to test (Chemi Atlow) #​47909
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) support combining coverage reports (Colin Ihrig) #​47686
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) execute before hook on test (Chemi Atlow) #​47586
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) expose reporter for use in run api (Chemi Atlow) #​47238
  • tools:
    • update LICENSE and (Santiago Gimeno) #​48078
  • url:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) implement URL.canParse (Matthew Aitken) #​47179
  • wasi:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) no longer require flag to enable wasi (Michael Dawson) #​47286


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This is a security release.

Notable Changes

The following CVEs are fixed in this release:

More detailed information on each of the vulnerabilities can be found in June 2023 Security Releases blog post.



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Notable changes
Add initial support for single executable applications

Compile a JavaScript file into a single executable application:

$ echo 'console.log(`Hello, ${process.argv[2]}!`);' > hello.js

$ cp $(command -v node) hello
### On systems other than macOS:
$ npx postject hello NODE_JS_CODE hello.js \
    --sentinel-fuse NODE_JS_FUSE_fce680ab2cc467b6e072b8b5df1996b2
### On macOS:
$ npx postject hello NODE_JS_CODE hello.js \
    --sentinel-fuse NODE_JS_FUSE_fce680ab2cc467b6e072b8b5df1996b2 \
    --macho-segment-name NODE_JS

$ ./hello world
Hello, world!

Contributed by Darshan Sen in #​45038

Replace url parser with Ada

Node.js gets a new URL parser called Ada that is compliant with the WHATWG URL Specification and provides more than 100% performance improvement to the existing implementation.

Contributed by Yagiz Nizipli in #​46410

Other notable changes
  • buffer:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add Buffer.copyBytesFrom(...) (James M Snell) #​46500
  • doc:
    • add marco-ippolito to collaborators (Marco Ippolito) #​46816
    • add debadree25 to collaborators (Debadree Chatterjee) #​46716
    • add deokjinkim to collaborators (Deokjin Kim) #​46444
  • events:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add listener argument to listenerCount (Paolo Insogna) #​46523
  • lib:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add AsyncLocalStorage.bind() and .snapshot() (flakey5) #​46387
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add aborted() utility function (Debadree Chatterjee) #​46494
  • src:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) allow optional Isolate termination in node::Stop() (Shelley Vohr) #​46583
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) allow embedder control of code generation policy (Shelley Vohr) #​46368
  • stream:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add abort signal for ReadableStream and WritableStream (Debadree Chatterjee) #​46273
  • tls:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) support automatic DHE (Tobias Nießen) #​46978
  • url:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) implement URLSearchParams size getter (James M Snell) #​46308
  • worker:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add support for worker name in inspector and trace_events (Debadree Chatterjee) #​46832


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Notable Changes


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Notable Changes


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This is a security release.

Notable Changes

The following CVEs are fixed in this release:

  • CVE-2023-23918: Node.js Permissions policies can be bypassed via process.mainModule (High)
  • CVE-2023-23919: Node.js OpenSSL error handling issues in nodejs crypto library (Medium)
  • CVE-2023-23936: Fetch API in Node.js did not protect against CRLF injection in host headers (Medium)
  • CVE-2023-24807: Regular Expression Denial of Service in Headers in Node.js fetch API (Low)
  • CVE-2023-23920: Node.js insecure loading of ICU data through ICU_DATA environment variable (Low)

More detailed information on each of the vulnerabilities can be found in February 2023 Security Releases blog post.

This security release includes OpenSSL security updates as outlined in the recent OpenSSL security advisory.



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Notable changes
Updated npm to 9.3.1

Based on the list of guidelines we've established on integrating npm and node, here is a grouped list of the breaking changes with the reasoning as to why they fit within the guidelines linked above. Note that all the breaking changes were made in 9.0.0. All subsequent minor and patch releases after npm@9.0.0 do not contain any breaking changes.


Explanation: the node engines supported by npm@9 make it safe to allow npm@9 as the default in any LTS version of 14 or 16, as well as anything later than or including 18.0.0

  • npm is now compatible with the following semver range for node: ^14.17.0 || ^16.13.0 || >=18.0.0

Explanation: when run as root previous versions of npm attempted to manage file ownership automatically on the user's behalf. this behavior was problematic in many cases and has been removed in favor of allowing users to manage their own filesystem permissions

  • npm will no longer attempt to modify ownership of files it creates.

Explanation: any errors thrown from users having unsupported auth configurations will show npm config fix in the remediation instructions, which will allow the user to automatically have their auth config fixed.

  • The presence of auth related settings that are not scoped to a specific registry found in a config file is no longer supported and will throw errors.

Explanation: the default auth-type has changed and users can opt back into the old behavior with npm config set auth-type=legacy. login and adduser have also been seperated making each command more closely match it's name instead of being aliases for each other.

  • Legacy auth types sso, saml & legacy have been consolidated into "legacy".
  • auth-type defaults to "web"
  • login and adduser are now separate commands that send different data to the registry.
  • auth-type config values web and legacy only try their respective methods, npm no longer tries them all and waits to see which one doesn't fail.
Tarball Packing

Explanation: previously using multiple ignore/allow lists when packing was an undefined behavior, and now the order of operations is strictly defined when packing a tarball making it easier to follow and should only affect users relying on the previously undefined behavior.

  • npm pack now follows a strict order of operations when applying ignore rules. If a files array is present in the package.json, then rules in .gitignore and .npmignore files from the root will be ignored.
Display/Debug/Timing Info

Explanation: these changes center around the display of information to the terminal including timing and debug log info. We do not anticipate these changes breaking any existing workflows.

  • Links generated from git urls will now use HEAD instead of master as the default ref.
  • timing has been removed as a value for --loglevel.
  • --timing will show timing information regardless of --loglevel, except when --silent.
  • When run with the --timing flag, npm now writes timing data to a file alongside the debug log data, respecting the logs-dir option and falling back to <CACHE>/_logs/ dir, instead of directly inside the cache directory.
  • The timing file data is no longer newline delimited JSON, and instead each run will create a uniquely named <ID>-timing.json file, with the <ID> portion being the same as the debug log.
  • npm now outputs some json errors on stdout. Previously npm would output all json formatted errors on stderr, making it difficult to parse as the stderr stream usually has logs already written to it.
Config/Command Deprecations or Removals

Explanation: install-links is the only config or command in the list that has an effect on package installs. We fixed a number of issues that came up during prereleases with this change. It will also only be applied to new package trees created without a package-lock.json file. Any install with an existing lock file will not be changed.

  • Deprecate boolean install flags in favor of --install-strategy.
  • npm config set will no longer accept deprecated or invalid config options.
  • install-links config defaults to "true".
  • node-version config has been removed.
  • npm-version config has been removed.
  • npm access subcommands have been renamed.
  • npm birthday has been removed.
  • npm set-script has been removed.
  • npm bin has been removed (use npx or npm exec to execute binaries).
Other notable changes
  • doc:
    • add parallelism note to os.cpus() (Colin Ihrig) #​45895
  • http:
    • join authorization headers (Marco Ippolito) #​45982
    • improved timeout defaults handling (Paolo Insogna) #​45778
  • stream:
    • implement finished() for ReadableStream and WritableStream (Debadree Chatterjee) #​46205


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Notable changes
Add support for externally shared js builtins

By default Node.js is built so that all dependencies are bundled into the Node.js binary itself. Some Node.js distributions prefer to manage dependencies externally. There are existing build options that allow dependencies with native code to be externalized. This commit adds additional options so that dependencies with JavaScript code (including WASM) can also be externalized. This addition does not affect binaries shipped by the Node.js project but will allow other distributions to externalize additional dependencies when needed.

Contributed by Michael Dawson in #​44376

Introduce File

The File class is part of the FileAPI. It can be used anywhere a Blob can, for example in URL.createObjectURL and FormData. It contains two properties that Blobs do not have: lastModified, the last time the file was modified in ms, and name, the name of the file.

Contributed by Khafra in #​45139

Support function mocking on Node.js test runner

The node:test module supports mocking during testing via a top-level mock object.

test('spies on an object method', (t) => {
  const number = {
    value: 5,
    add(a) {
      return this.value + a;
  t.mock.method(number, 'add');

  assert.strictEqual(number.add(3), 8);
  assert.strictEqual(number.add.mock.calls.length, 1);

Contributed by Colin Ihrig in #​45326

Other notable changes
  • build:
    • disable v8 snapshot compression by default (Joyee Cheung) #​45716
  • crypto:
    • update root certificates (Luigi Pinca) #​45490
  • deps:
    • update ICU to 72.1 (Michaël Zasso) #​45068
  • doc:
    • add doc-only deprecation for headers/trailers setters (Rich Trott) #​45697
    • add Rafael to the tsc (Michael Dawson) #​45691
    • deprecate use of invalid ports in url.parse (Antoine du Hamel) #​45576
    • add lukekarrys to collaborators (Luke Karrys) #​45180
    • add anonrig to collaborators (Yagiz Nizipli) #​45002
    • deprecate url.parse() (Rich Trott) #​44919
  • lib:
    • drop fetch experimental warning (Matteo Collina) #​45287
  • net:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add autoSelectFamily and autoSelectFamilyAttemptTimeout options (Paolo Insogna) #​44731
  • src:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add uvwasi version (Jithil P Ponnan) #​45639
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add initial shadow realm support (Chengzhong Wu) #​42869
  • test_runner:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add t.after() hook (Colin Ihrig) #​45792
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) don't use a symbol for runHook() (Colin Ihrig) #​45792
  • tls:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add "ca" property to certificate object (Ben Noordhuis) #​44935
    • remove trustcor root ca certificates (Ben Noordhuis) #​45776
  • tools:
    • update certdata.txt (Luigi Pinca) #​45490
  • util:
    • add fast path for utf8 encoding (Yagiz Nizipli) #​45412
    • improve textdecoder decode performance (Yagiz Nizipli) #​45294
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add MIME utilities (#​21128) (Bradley Farias) #​21128


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This is a security release.

Notable changes

The following CVEs are fixed in this release:

  • CVE-2022-3602: X.509 Email Address 4-byte Buffer Overflow (High)
  • CVE-2022-3786: X.509 Email Address Variable Length Buffer Overflow (High)
  • CVE-2022-43548: DNS rebinding in --inspect via invalid octal IP address (Medium)

More detailed information on each of the vulnerabilities can be found in November 2022 Security Releases blog post.



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Notable Changes

This release marks the transition of Node.js 18.x into Long Term Support (LTS) with the codename 'Hydrogen'. The 18.x release line now moves into "Active LTS" and will remain so until October 2023. After that time, it will move into "Maintenance" until end of life in April 2025.


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Notable changes
watch mode (experimental)

Running in 'watch' mode using node --watch restarts the process when an imported file is changed.

Contributed by Moshe Atlow in #​44366

Other notable changes
  • fs:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add FileHandle.prototype.readLines (Antoine du Hamel) #​42590
  • http:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add writeEarlyHints function to ServerResponse (Wing) #​44180
  • http2:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) make early hints generic (Yagiz Nizipli) #​44820
  • lib:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) refactor transferable AbortSignal (flakey5) #​44048
  • src:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add detailed embedder process initialization API (Anna Henningsen) #​44121
  • util:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add default value option to parsearg (Manuel Spigolon) #​44631


Compare Source

Notable changes
  • doc:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) deprecate modp1, modp2, and modp5 groups (Tobias Nießen) #​44588
    • add legendecas to TSC list (Michael Dawson) #​44662
    • move policy docs to the permissions scope (Rafael Gonzaga) #​44222
  • gyp:
    • libnode for ios app embedding (chexiongsheng) #​44210
  • http:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) throw error on content-length mismatch (sidwebworks) #​44588
  • stream:
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add ReadableByteStream.tee() (Daeyeon Jeong) #​44505


Compare Source

This is a security release.

Notable changes

The following CVEs are fixed in this release:

  • CVE-2022-32212: DNS rebinding in --inspect on macOS (High)
    • Insufficient fix for macOS devices on v18.5.0
  • CVE-2022-32222: Node 18 reads openssl.cnf from /home/iojs/build/ upon startup on MacOS (Medium)
  • CVE-2022-32213: HTTP Request Smuggling - Flawed Parsing of Transfer-Encoding (Medium)
    • Insufficient fix on v18.5.0
  • CVE-2022-32215: HTTP Request Smuggling - Incorrect Parsing of Multi-line Transfer-Encoding (Medium)
    • Insufficient fix on v18.5.0
  • CVE-2022-35256: HTTP Request Smuggling - Incorrect Parsing of Header Fields (Medium)
  • CVE-2022-35255: Weak randomness in WebCrypto keygen

More detailed information on each of the vulnerabilities can be found in September 22nd 2022 Security Releases blog post.

llhttp updated to 6.0.10

llhttp is updated to 6.0.10 which includes fixes for the following vulnerabilities.

  • HTTP Request Smuggling - CVE-2022-32213 bypass via obs-fold mechanic (Medium)(CVE-2022-32213 ): The llhttp parser in the http module does not correctly parse and validate Transfer-Encoding headers. This can lead to HTTP Request Smuggling (HRS).
  • HTTP Request Smuggling - Incorrect Parsing of Multi-line Transfer-Encoding (Medium)(CVE-2022-32215): The llhttp parser in the http module does not correctly handle multi-line Transfer-Encoding headers. This can lead to HTTP Request Smuggling (HRS).
  • HTTP Request Smuggling - Incorrect Parsing of Header Fields (Medium)(CVE-35256): The llhttp parser in the http does not correctly handle header fields that are not terminated with CLRF. This can lead to HTTP Request Smuggling (HRS).


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Notable changes
  • doc
    • add daeyeon to collaborators (Daeyeon Jeong) #​44355
  • lib
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add diagnostics channel for process and worker (theanarkh) #​44045
  • os
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) add machine method (theanarkh) #​44416
  • report
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) expose report public native apis (Chengzhong Wu) #​44255
  • src
    • (SEMVER-MINOR) expose environment RequestInterrupt api (Chengzhong Wu) #​44362
  • vm
    • include vm context in the embedded snapshot (Joyee Cheung) #​44252