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chore(deps): update devdependencies (non-major)

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
@golevelup/ts-jest devDependencies minor ^0.3.2 -> ^0.5.0
jest (source) devDependencies patch 28.1.2 -> 28.1.3

Release Notes



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Compare Source



Compare Source

  • [jest-leak-detector] Use native FinalizationRegistry when it exists to get rid of external C dependency (#​12973)
  • [jest-changed-files] Fix a lock-up after repeated invocations (#​12757)
  • [@jest/expect-utils] Fix deep equality of ImmutableJS OrderedSets (#​12977)
  • [jest-mock] Add index signature support for spyOn types (#​13013, #​13020)
  • [jest-snapshot] Fix indentation of awaited inline snapshots (#​12986)
Chore & Maintenance
  • [*] Replace internal usage of pretty-format/ConvertAnsi with jest-serializer-ansi-escapes (#​12935, #​13004)
  • [docs] Update spyOn docs (#​13000)


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