Bonjour, une mise à jour de la forge logicielle est prévue mardi 02 Décembre 2021 de 08h à 9h. Celle-ci entrainera une interruption de service d'environ 1h de 8h à 9h. Cordialement, Maintenance forge logicielle

Commit 92bef9c7 authored by Matthieu BENOIST's avatar Matthieu BENOIST
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Merge branch 'DOS0069585' into 'master'

Fix the other resources links

See merge request !102
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......@@ -117,14 +117,6 @@ export class ResourcesService {
} else {
// Instead of using the direct link to the files we go through the dedicated proxy
// that is adding credentials of a technical account if the user has access to the requested file/data
link.url = link.url.replace(
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