Commit b85075f6 authored by Alessandro CERIONI's avatar Alessandro CERIONI
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Applied fix to properly parse WS ressources related to non geographic datasets

parent d5403bd0
......@@ -154,10 +154,10 @@ def fix_links( links, credentials=None ):
if link['protocol'] == 'JSON' and '' in link['url']:
fixed_links[k]['protocol'] = 'WS'
tmp = fixed_links[k]['name']
fixed_links[k]['name'] = tmp.split('/')[0]
tmp = links[k]['url']
fixed_links[k]['name'] = tmp.split('/')[-2] # second to last element
#tmp = links[k]['url']
the_fixed_ws_url = '/'.join(tmp.split('/')[0:5])
fixed_links[k]['url'] = the_fixed_ws_url
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