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Use different variable for sentinel exposed port and sentinel port given to the service

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......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ services:
restart: unless-stopped
TAG=<version of the service to deploy>
MIDDLEWARE_LEGACY_SERVICE_BIND_PORT=<listening port of the service>
LEGACY_AUTH_SERVICE_URL=<base url of the legacy auth service>
ADMIN_PASSWORD=<admin password of the legacy auth service>
ADMIN_USERNAME=<admin username of the legacy auth service>
SERVICE_EMAIL_URL=<base url of the mail service>
USER_SUPPORT_MAILBOX=<user support email address>
FRONT_END_URL=<web app url>
API_KEY=<api key of the of the service (generated in kong)>
ACCESS_TOKEN_COOKIE_KEY=<cookie key where the access token will be stored>
IMAGE_HOST=<host of the images present in the emails body>
REDIS_SENTINEL_HOST=<redis sentinel host>
REDIS_SENTINEL_PORT=<redis sentinel port>
REDIS_MASTER_PORT=<redis master port>
REDIS_SLAVE_PORT=<redis slave port>
REDIS_GROUP_NAME=<group name containing a master, and one or more slaves>
\ No newline at end of file
TAG=<version/tag of the docker image to be deployed>
MIDDLEWARE_LEGACY_SERVICE_BIND_PORT=<port on which the service will be running>
LEGACY_AUTH_SERVICE_URL=<root url of the legacy auth service>
ADMIN_PASSWORD=<legacy auth service admin password>
ADMIN_USERNAME=<legacy auth service admin username>
SERVICE_EMAIL_URL=<the email service URL>
USER_SUPPORT_MAILBOX=<email address of the support team>
FRONT_END_URL=<the root url of the web app>
VALIDATE_ACCOUNT_URI=<path in the web app to the validate account page ex: '/connexion'>
PASSWORD_RESET_URI=<path in the web app that allow a user to reset/reenter its password >
API_KEY=<the API key that allows this service to be authentified by the API gateway>
ACCESS_TOKEN_COOKIE_KEY=<key of the cookie where the JWT has been set>
IMAGE_HOST=<host of the images in the email templates>
REDIS_SENTINEL_HOST=<host of the redis sentinel from the service point of view ex: 'redis-sentinel-1'>
REDIS_SENTINEL_PORT=<port of the redis sentinel from the service point of view ex: 26379>
REDIS_SENTINEL_EXPOSED_PORT=<port on which the redis sentinel is exposed>
REDIS_GROUP_NAME=<name of the group of the different sentinels>
ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD=<whether empty password is accepted or not for a redis instance ex: 'yes'>
REDIS_MASTER_PORT=<port of the redis master>
REDIS_MASTER_HOST=<host of the redis master>
REDIS_SLAVE_PORT=<port of the redis slave>
\ No newline at end of file
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